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Healthy Love Guide 

6 step ebook that helps you create loving relationships

If you want to improve the quality of your life and be free from mental, emotional or physical pain then this is for you. If you are tired of feeling useless, helpless or stuck and depending on others, then the 6 Steps to Create Healthy Loving Relationships Guide is what you need. Keep reading to see why this guide has helped hundreds of people. 


Why The Healthy Love Guide Works:

These 6 steps are scientifically proven methods that have gone through 2 years of clinical trials. It works because these intelligent questions that you will be working with are designed to rewire your brain into thinking and manifesting success in your life.  

When you experience a healthy love life, things begin to heal around you. People will be happier in your presence. Your husband/partner and children will also start to behave differently and more happily because you are carrying the household with a higher quality state of mind. You can use this method to turn your whole life around, getbrid of fear, create financial freedom, reduce or clear stress and feel good in your body again.

What Problems You'll Be Solving:

  • If you keep attracting people who treat you badly, and don’t commit to you in a relationship 

  • If you feel used in your relationships like you don’t get back what you give

  • If you feel life is out of your control or are stuck in a situation you don’t want  

  • If you feel you need a break from your partner or spouse 

  • If you don’t feel attractive or attracted to your partner anymore but stay in the relationship out of fear you can’t make it on your own  

  • If you are heartbroken and feel hurt or betrayed  

  • If you constantly argue with your partner or spouse and cannot seem to get along anymore  

  • If you find it hard to speak up for yourself and feel misunderstood  

  • If you feel like you’re taken advantage of by your spouse, friends or family  

  • If you constantly feel disrespected and fear to stand up for yourself

  • How To Use The Healthy Love Guide:

    Create focus time where you won’t be distracted. At least 20 minutes a day

    Have your pen and journal ready to take notes that come up as you meditate on the questions

    Read one step at a time. Don’t rush through the ebook. Reflect on the questions and go deep within

    Benefits And Outcomes Of The Healthy Love Guide:

  • You will feel lighter and more relaxed, so when your husband / partner gets home, they are happy to see you

  • You will begin to approach difficulties with ease, making your partner or husband love spending time with you, even when you don’t see eye-to-eye

  • Your heart will open, which makes you a more loving wife or partner

  • You will find it easier to take care of your family and be more supportive

  • You will feel stronger and more capable to create the life of your dreams 

  • You will feel more confident in yourself and begin to attract abundance and money 

  • You will realise that you have the power and ability to create a lasting legacy 

  • You will begin to love being in your own skin, no matter what your age, shape or form is

  • You will start to enjoy taking care of yourself and others around you

  • Your husband or partner will be happier, and begin to heal when you are healed. 

  • The information that is described in this document was tested and proven in 2 years of clinical trials, it was included as part of the Neural Alignment Method®️. As a result we discovered that relationships are the key to speed up the healing of any kind of pain.

    (The Neural Alignment Method®️ is a multi-award-winning treatment framework developed to heal chronic pain naturally.) 


    "Over the past two years I lost a handful of relationships that were important to me. From friends, to business partners and lover. It was hell to say the least. I’m grateful to find a tool that addresses my relationship fears within minutes of reading it. Within an hour I had gone through deep realisations on my position in relationships. I went from hopeless and heartbroken to feeling like I am empowered to heal myself and can still build meaningful connections. I now use it everyday, one step at a time."

    Charmaine MBatha

    "Mary Ann’s work is extraordinary. Her tapping scripts reach deeply into issues embedded in each Chakra, and she provides well researched informational on Chakras in general and also the one you’re working with. I highly recommend her approach, especially if you are stuck in any aspect of your life."

    Helen M Brunner

    "I don't know where to start, i was blown away by Dawns ability to connect with me on another level, her attention to detail and the way she deeply understood what i was experiencing and the challenges i was facing was just amazing. I am extremely grateful for her time and just after one session i feel i am able to overcome any obstacle, left me wanting more. Highly recommended. Thanks again Dawn"

    Kacee Jades

    "Dawn has the background (including debilitating pain), the training and education (including psychotherapy and many alternative certifications), the gift of heightened intuition, and most importantly, the passion and caring to want to help those suffering with their pain not just manage, but move and grow beyond it."

    Jo Hodgson

    Q.1: Who needs this Relationship Guide?

  • If you want to have meaningful relationships, whether you’re single, in a relationship, married or divorced. This is for you. We interact with people in every aspect of our lives, it’s beneficial to have a powerful tool that helps you get what you want and create peace and harmony with others. 

  • (Please just gently nudge your partner into this and do not use any force as it will only backfire on you.)

    Q.2: What if I'm not in relationships right now?

  • If you aren’t in a relationship this work still applies because if you don’t do the work before entering a relationship you will end up attracting someone who will bring out all of your wounds. Which is much more painful and complex than doing it on your own.

  • Q.3: How long does it take to go through the guide?

  • If you are still questioning whether you have the time, I can guarantee you that 80% of you will never open this guide and/or do the reflection exercises.And when you look back months later, you will still be in the same situation. Secure approximately 1 hour of your time and set the intention to look at the guide right after downloading it.

  • Q.4: What if I will need a help with it or want deeper explanations?

  • Once you have studied the “6 Steps of Healing Your Relationships” guide, and you've got a feeling that you need a help or you would like to find out more, you can get the video training that will go deeper into each step. That will help you understand more about the reasons why things are the way they are. This training will give you more profound insights, examples on how to handle these issues, explanations on why you are reacting in ways that even you do not understand (which you will after the training) and what you can do to avoid this in the future. And we've made it available for everyone for only $3.00 USD. 

    >>>Click here to get the training

  • Get Access to the Free E-Book "6 Steps of Healing Your Relationships" by Mary-Ann Lagerwey & Dawn Cady

    Six steps of healing your relationships

    About Author: Mary-Ann Lagerwey

    Mary-Ann is CEO at Alleviate Pain, Holistic Energy Healer and Intuitive Relationship Coach who helps people to connect with their authentic selves and create more fulfilling lives. She has a deep understanding of the human experience and is able to help her clients to release old patterns and wounds that are no longer serving them. Her work is rooted in the belief that we are all connected, and that by healing ourselves, we can heal the world.


    Mary-Ann was born with a natural gift for connecting with people and helping them to heal. She has always been drawn to helping others, and after completing her own journey of self-discovery, she decided to turn her passion into a career. For Mary-Ann, energy healing is about more than just balancing chakras or clearing negative emotions; it's about helping people to connect with their true selves so they can live their best lives.


    In her work as an intuitive relationship coach, Mary-Ann helps people to understand their patterns in relationships and how they can create more fulfilling connections. She has a keen ability to see the underlying issues that are causing pain or conflict, and she provides her clients with practical tools and guidance so they can make lasting changes.

    About Co-Author: Dawn Cady

    Dawn Cady is Certified Holistic Specialist, Healer, Multi-Award-Winning Pain Expert. She is Australia's Premiere Pain Freedom Coach, Founder and Owner at Alleviate Pain, Inc (2016).

    Dawn was a chronic pain sufferer for 31 years and used to take 13 painkillers a day. She learned how to walk again even though doctors told her she would be disabled for the rest of her life.

    In 2014 Dawn Cady created The Neural Alignment Method®, a multi-award-winning process that unites over 120 of the world’s best healing tools and techniques. The Neural Alignment Method® successfully passed 2 years of clinical trials and was incorporated into Alleviate Pain online and offline programs.

    Dawn is also highly specialised in Emotional Freedom Technique, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Process Work, Energy Work, and Explain Pain Methods. Her expertise is to guide people on how to break the cycle of their suffering so they can be free to be who they want to be with ease, clarity, and power. 

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