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Dawn Cady

6 Steps of Healing Your Relationships 

The next step after working through the guide is to take the training with Mary-Ann, in which she goes deeper into each step, the limiting beliefs and the self-reflecting questions:

  • you will get a profound understanding about the reasons for the way you act in your relationships

  • you will get insights on how your inner limiting beliefs influence your interaction with your partner

  • you will be pointed into the direction of how to move from broken and helpless to growing and healing your relationships



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    Host: Mary-Ann Lagerwey

    Mary-Ann is a holistic energy healer and intuitive relationship coach who has helped countless people to find balance, harmony and healing in their lives. She has a deep understanding of the human energy field and the chakra system, and she is able to help her clients to clear blockages and align their energies for optimum health and wellbeing. Mary-Ann is also an expert in relationships, and she has a gift for helping people to see the patterns that are holding them back from having the relationships they truly desire.

    Relationships are the most important things in our life. And maintaining a good and happy ones are the most rewarding things to do. Because they are connected to some of our strongest emotions. Ultimetely, the quality of a person's relationships dictates the quality of their life. Reserach shows that happy relationships helps people live longer, deal with stress better, overcome faster illness, and even earn more money.

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    Meditation "Be Regal In Your Relationships"

    This guided meditation will help you to get to know your Regal Energy, which comes from our soul. When we are aligned with our regal energies, we know what we want, and what we stand for. We have a purpose that is much grander than ourselves.

    When we are aligned with our Regal Energies, our predominant emotion is peace. Peace is where the power lies, when we are aligned with peace, our relationships are at ease, we can easier connect with our intuition.

    BONUS 2

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    EFT Tapping on Root Chakra

    EFT is a tapping tool which is derived from acupuncture. In this healing session you will meet your inner child and we will do a visualisation to connect with her.

    This inner child has the power to take over your behaviour and when you are in a fight you are actually two little hurt and wounded children that are standing opposite each other.Our Root Chakra is all about survival and our inner child has been created to keep us safe from harm.When we heal our inner child in the Root Chakra, we will feel safe enough to allow the adult to be dominant again.


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    Six steps of healing your relationships
  • This training is for women that are struggling in their relationships and are ready to take the first steps in healing this. When you find value in this training, feel free to share it with your partner so you can work on it together.

  • If you aren’t in a relationship this training still applies because if you don’t do the work before entering a relationship you will end up attracting someone who will bring out all of your wounds. Which is much more painful and complex than doing it on your own.

  • This training goes deeper into the topics of the "6 Steps of Healing Your Relationships" guide. It will help you to move from broken and helpless to growing and healing in your relationships. 

  • After purchase is confirmed you will be redirected to the training page to watch it. You'll get a lifetime access to the training and two bonuses.

  • Loved By Many

    "Mary Ann’s work is extraordinary. Her tapping scripts reach deeply into issues embedded in each Chakra, and she provides well researched informational on Chakras in general and also the one you’re working with. I highly recommend her approach, especially if you are stuck in any aspect of your life."

    Helen M Brunner

    "I do highly reccomend watching the training "6 Steps of Healing Your Relationships" after self-work is done with the guide. Because during the training it's like you're getting the second part of the e-book written in between the lines. And it's mindblowing how our relationships can be improved just after work on our own beliefs."

    Nataliia Hontar

    "In a profound way, Mary-Ann showed me exactly where I was giving my power away in relationships and what it means to take it back. For a long time I blamed myself and others when my relationships went south. I appreciate how this training has helped me to not only see what a mess I’ve been creating in my life but also that I have the power and means to create the type of relationships I want. I’ve done other programs before but they are no match to this training. There was even a time I was obsessed with tarot readings looking for answers and closure. This training is giving me the ability to heal, find closure and be the best version of myself."

    Charmaine Mbatha

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