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Dawn Cady


detailed training on e-book by Mary-Ann Lagerwey

  • you will understand why you are arguing and what needs to change

  • you will walk away feeling empowered that you can heal your relationships

  • you will know that you are more powerful than you realise



    Host: Mary-Ann Lagerwey

    Mary-Ann is a holistic energy healer and intuitive relationship coach who has helped countless people to find balance, harmony and healing in their lives. She has a deep understanding of the human energy field and the chakra system, and she is able to help her clients to clear blockages and align their energies for optimum health and wellbeing. Mary-Ann is also an expert in relationships, and she has a gift for helping people to see the patterns that are holding them back from having the relationships they truly desire.

    Be Regal in your relationships

    Bonus 1: EFT tapping on Root Chakra by Mary-Ann Lagerwey

    Meet your inner child and take back your power so you can build the life and relationships you want.

    Bonus 2: Powerful meditation connecting you to your Regal Self by Dawn Cady

    Regal Energy comes from our soul, when we are aligned to our regal energies we know what we want what we stand for, we have purpose that’s much grander than ourselves.

    When aligned our predominant emotion is peace. Peace is where the power lies, when we are aligned with peace our relationships are at ease, we are powerful manifestors, we easily connect with our intuition and can be in deep connection with mother earth and access all her gifts.

    Don't Miss This Chance To:

  • Receive two deep healings to assist you to hold these regal power house energies.

  • Receive tools and techniques to practice working with this power house energy.

  • Become more confident, vibrant, self-assured, independent, nurturing, intuitive, whole, and aligned in your life.

  • Experience a powerful guided meditation connecting you into your Regal self.

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  • Why Do You Need This Training?

    During this 1-hour training Mary-Ann will take you through each step of healing.....

    After this training you will.....

  • Your Healing Path:

    STEP 1

    Take Responsibility

    When we take Responsibility for our life and everything we do, the way we act and react, we command back our power and we stop giving it to others. This makes us stronger in every way, physical, mental and spiritual.

    It is imperative that we keep our own power and we can only do that by taking Responsibility for our own shit/stuff. Here we will show you that taking responsibility for at least the things you create in your Relationships, will help you to take a hard look at what it is you may or may not want to keep. And when you have taken Responsibility you can begin to Accept.

    STEP 2


    When we Accept where we are in this moment we can look to where we would like to be. In that way we can create a map of our journey of anything we do. When there is no Acceptance, there is Resistance and that costs a lot, energy, time, effort and it is all wasted, because Resistance is futile.

    So Accept who you are, where you are and then you can take the right action in the right direction. Once you Accept your role in your Relationships, you will actually start seeing them from a different perspective. And when the Acceptance is there you can begin to Hope.

    STEP 3


    It all starts with Hope, it means that not all is lost, that there are still possibilities, Hope is the last thing to die. As long as there is a shimmer of Hope there still is Life. And even when all seems lost and you are able to get back into Hope, it can all start again. Because each time you come back into Hope you will be able to take Responsibility and you will see that you can begin to Accept yourself again. From there you can start to create new experiences in life that you want and begin to leave the experiences behind that you don't want. As long as you keep Hope on improvement of your Relationships there are opportunities that you otherwise would not have had. And when you have Hope and start to stack evidence of its truth, you can begin to Believe.  

    STEP 4


    The first and most important thing you can do for yourself is Believing in yourself, because then you can actually start to believe in a better life. When you can believe in the possibility of happy and harmonious relationships, you will be able to create everything you need to build the life you have always wanted. When you can Believe in yourself it also means that you can allow yourself to Believe in the people you have a Relationship with.

    STEP 5


    Only when we Know what we want in our Relationships, can we create them the way we want them to be. Only when we Know who we are, can we truly be ourselves in our Relationships. Only when we Know what we are creating, can we create the Relationships we love, want and desire. Knowing gives us the power to be, do and have all our hearts desire. When you Know who you are and what you want and where you are you can really Be, Do and Have the things you really want.

    STEP 6

    Be and Do

    By becoming the person we want to Be we can Do what the person we want to Be does. And when you DO what you want to DO, you will find flow in your Relationships, you will find your Relationships easy and happy, filled with lots of things that you love. Be aware of everything that is around you, Being in the here and now creates that awareness and allows you to do the things that you really love to Do without sabotaging yourself and show up in your Relationships as the person you know you want to be.

    Loved By Many

    "Mary Ann’s work is extraordinary. Her tapping scripts reach deeply into issues embedded in each Chakra, and she provides well researched informational on Chakras in general and also the one you’re working with. I highly recommend her approach, especially if you are stuck in any aspect of your life."

    Helen M Brunner

    "I can't thank Mary-Ann enough for everything she has helped me with. After a couple of EFT sessions I feel now my feminine power, I feel comfortable and confident which also improved my relationships. I now incorporate EFT into my life daily and use it to manage emotions and stress and negative thoughts.""

    Nataliia Hontar

    Dawn has the background (including debilitating pain), the training and education (including psychotherapy and many alternative certifications), the gift of heightened intuition, and most importantly, the passion and caring to want to help those suffering with their pain not just manage, but move and grow beyond it.

    Jo Hodgson

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