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Bonus Healing Session No. 2

EFT Tapping on Root Chakra

EFT is a tapping tool which is derived from acupuncture. In this healing session you will meet your inner child and we will do a visualisation to connect with her.This inner child has the power to take over your behaviour and when you are in a fight you are actually two little hurt and wounded children that are standing opposite each other.Our Root Chakra is all about survival and our inner child has been created to keep us safe from harm.When we heal our inner child in the Root Chakra, we will feel safe enough to allow the adult to be dominant again.

Download EFT Tapping Script

This is a part of the first lesson of our six-week live coaching program "Heal Your Relationships" by Dawn Cady and Mary-Ann Lagerwey which starts 17th April 2023. 

During the program we will work specifically on the first two chakras, the Root Chakra “I AM” and the Sacral Chakra “I FEEL”.

Anything you do in life is based on the energies from these two chakras. By healing these two chakras you are taking back your power from your inner child. It will determine whether you feel safe in your relationships and how you will be able to express your emotions. During the sessions you will be able to ask questions and request personal healing. Recording of every session will be available.

>>> Yes, I choose to Heal my Relationships

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